My acupuncturist recommended I take up these Tai Chi and Qigong classes.

I have issues of pain and stiffness in back, ankle & knee.

I have found an increase in ankle strength & stability since attending.

It is good to try exercise & mind disciplines to find out what suits you.

I have found these Tai Chi & Qigong classes to be good for me. students

I was advised by my GP to do some weight bearing activity, I decided to try Tai Chi and have been very much enjoying the first 2 months of classes each week and 2/3 times a week at home.

I have this feeling of calm pervade my body and I feel energised. 

It’s the only way to experience the feeling of well-being you receive. students

I tried Tai Chi as a way of improving my general health and wellbeing after living with a chronic fatigue-like disease for many years.

It’s been great physically as I can pace myself and am so much more ‘body aware’!  It’s also been great fun. 

It’s a stimulating way of spending your time and would benefit most people,

so worth trying. students

I have noticed an improvement in my flexibility and I have a bigger range of motion in my shoulder joints.

Also balance is better.  Everyone can work to their own ability.

It is an enjoyable experience, I find it calming.

I met Marg at Jazzercise - she had a genuine warm nature. I saw a photo in the paper (Marg on a table in the park - in the rain & in a Tai Chi pose with an umbrella - FUN. 

I need exercise close to home. I found it calming and I had to have balance and also use my brain. The Sword dance challenged me!

I would encourage others to try it - friendly people - coffee and good topics of conversation - takes your mind off all your concerns for an hour!

In an effort to regain my old physical and mental fitness, I found and joined my present Tai Chi and Qigong class.

After 4 sessions improvement is clear. 

I love the flowing body movements whilst revitalising my brain (much needed).  All this done to lovely relaxing music. So enjoyable – do it!

 Thank you to all the students who make it so worthwhile as the growth in their Tai Chi knowledge and skills means they are more in tune with their bodies!


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