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Newport Community Centre Entrance
Newport Community Centre Entrance

Newport Community Centre

11-13 The Boulevarde

or Palm Road Newport  Northern Beaches

NSW 2106

Contact Margaret Weeks

Telephone 9999 1986


Mobile 0411 222 388

  Parking available in The Boulevarde

or Palm Rd

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Google Map

Get Fit, Feel Fit, Stay Fit

Active Class Times

We usually meet for 10 weeks each school Term

THURSDAY mornings at 10.30am - 11.30am

 All of our Classes Develop, Use and Store CHI

Here are some of the Exercises we do

1. Warming Up and Cooling Down

Warm ups are used at the beginning of each session and use stretches, weight changing and balancing exercises to increase circulation, prepare and lubricate joints, improve flexibility of muscles, elevate the oxygen in the blood and promote the coordination of the upper and lower body.

Cooling Down moves are used at the end of each session to stretch out all the major muscles used in the session.

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2. Qigong - Learning Shibashi

Shibashi is a gentle, flowing Qigong exercise routine that is a joy to do, deeply relaxing and easy to learn and perform. It is an excellent basis for Tai Chi as it encourages mind concentration while introducing the basic elements of movement, weight shifting, balancing, muscle toning, co-ordination of hand and leg movements along with controlled breathing.

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3. Tai Chi - Learning The Beijing 24 Form

Beijing 24 uses 24 moves from the Long Form Yang style Tai Chi. Although it has been simplified by reducing the repetition of moves and some of the more difficult kicks, it enables beginners of any age to focus on and appreciate the principles of Tai Chi.

No matter where you travel in the world, you will be able to find other Tai Chi practitioners familiar with this form.


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4. Qigong - Learning Lohan the Ancient Warrior

Lohan is an ancient Chinese healing exercise. It is relaxing and energising at the same time!

Done regularly it activates the flow of life energy along the meridians, strengthens the internal organs, increases vigour of body and mind, exercises the joints and muscles, promotes relaxation and stress management, and provides the essence and base for many internal and external martial arts.

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5. Qigong - Yin Yang Sword

The Tai Chi Yin Yang Sword dance requires deep concentration to focus on each movement as balance and weight transference is so important. As for Lohan, the Sword Dance is relaxing and energising at the same time! It activates the flow of life energy along the meridians as the body moves slowly while tensing and releasing muscles to promote circulation and flexibility. The imagery of animals and birds created during the dance provide a calm environment on which the dancer can reflect.

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