It’s more than fifteen years since friends asked me to join a local Tai Chi group! I was active, had played a lot of sport and was healthy so I was ready to enjoy this new experience!


I found Tai Chi and Qigong fascinating and the movements designed to help build, store and use energy so that the body becomes stronger and more flexible through stretching, relaxing, transferring weight and breathing with the Yin and Yang of the movements!

​I learnt that Tai Chi is one of the world's earliest forms of ‘mindfulness meditation’ and is referred to as internal Martial Arts by Tai Chi masters who talk about the ‘internal feeling within’ in which posture and alignment can be ‘felt within’ rather than ‘being seen’.  The goal is less how we ‘look’ while performing our forms on the outside ... and more how we ‘feel’ on the inside as we enjoy the practice and gain the health and healing benefits!


Ongoing medical research is growing and supporting the health benefits of Tai Chi and Qigong for everyone.  Doctors, Physiotherapists, Sports Massage Therapists, Acupuncturists, Podiatrists and other health professionals are learning about and recommending Tai Chi to their clients!

Margaret Weeks  BAhons PhD 

Previous Teacher and Lecturer - Schools and Universities

Design and Developer of Educational Multi-Media Training Materials

Managing Director of Competency Consulting Pty Ltd

Tai Chi Business Name - Active Tai Chi and Qigong Northern Beaches!

National Coach, Accredited Instructor, Australian Sports Commission

Previous Instructor with The Australian Academy of Tai Chi

Presenter Tai Chi and Qigong Classes, Workshops, Demonstrations and Speaker

Member of Kung Fu Wushu New South Wales Inc

Member of the Tai Chi Association of Australia

Kung Fu Wushu Ltd (KWA) is recognised by the Australian Sports Commision

as the peak governing body for Chinese Martial Arts
(Kung Fu Wushu, Tai Chi) in Australia.
Kung fu Wushu New South Wales Inc is the state representative body recognised by KWA




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